Feb 28th @ 7 pm

Friend Fourth Quaker Speak Discussion 

This month’s Quaker Speak Discussion will be a participant’s choice from four possible videos listed below. Please join us for 1 hour of sharing on First Day (Sunday) evening. QuakerSpeak is a project of Friends Journal which engages Quakers from around the world to speak about topics of their choosing. There is diversity of thought expressed in these videos, some familiar and some challenging to what is familiar to our Meeting community. A new conversation is uploaded to YouTube each week. Consider browsing the selection on YouTube.

Hope to see you at 6pm on Firstday evening Feb 28th. We will meet on zoom using the worship link. If you do not have the log in click here to send a request or call Dave at 484-804-3668. If you cannot join us take the time this week to reflect on one or two of the conversations below or on the master list which you can access by clicking here.
New to Quakerism
               10 reasons Top ten reasons I am a Quaker click here
Quaker Ministry
                womanQuakers and Woman in Ministry click here
Quaker Organizations
                earthcareQuaker Earthcare click here
Quakerism in practice
                QuakerSpeak TexasA Quaker in the Texas House of Representatives click here