Abolition Hall
Whitemarsh Township approved the purchase of Corson Property, Abolition Hall & Maulsby House 

After Nancy Corson died the property where she lived which was held in trust for the Corson family was put up for sale. This occurred in 2016. When the plans for its development were present to the Township and the public a 4-year community discussion with the developer unfolded while the Corson family wait to know if they could sell the property. This was a long hard time for family and community. In August of 2020, the developer, unwilling to make substantial changes requested by the community withdrew from the project without providing a reason.

This week it was announced that Whitemarsh Township made an offer to buy the Corson property. The township’s bid has been conditionally accepted. The agreement for sale was approved by the Board of Supervisors on April 8th. An anonymous donor has made a generous pledge towards the purchase. The donation will be made to the Whitemarsh Art center to enable them to be a co-buyer of the property and will move the center to the Corson property. There are several conditions that must be met if the agreement is approved; receipt of a major donation that has been offered to the township, legal review, inspection of the properties, …. The sale will take time perhaps more than a year.

The Whitemarsh Township supervisors and staff have listened to the community’s desires for this property and have worked quietly with the family to understand their needs. It is hoped that after this long road traveled an agreement that is respectful to all.

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