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Greetings Everyone!
After last Spring's PMFS Circus was all but cancelled, and we quickly approach the end of another unprecedented year, I have one bright spot I am thrilled to share: we are BACK with our first ever online show!
It is with great joy that I invite all of you to join us on Friday, May 7th at 7:00 pm for this year’s Circus, "Zoom on Zoom"! (See links above)
One of my favorite TV shows growing up was called “Zoom”. It was a live, early 70's action series created almost entirely by, and for, children. At the heart of the show was a group of kids who acted out skits, did demonstrations, told jokes, and playfully chatted with each other. For many of us, "Zoom" was like a group of friends who got to hang out with each other every afternoon before doing homework.
Last Summer, as it became clear that a live circus performance was unrealistic, and that the platform of "Zoom" would continue to play a prominent role in our upcoming school year, suddenly, a light bulb went off in my head! What if we did an online circus for 2020-2021 and called it "Zoom on Zoom" ?
7 months later, with a wide assortment of film from various Zoom sessions, our school blacktop, and even kids' driveways, we are very proud to present The 2021 PMFS Circus – "Zoom on Zoom"!
Hopefully, we’ll be back in the gym next year and you will be able to join us in person for this annual PMFS Spring tradition!
Will Starr