2020-2021 Plymouth Meeting Friends School Year Concludes with Graduation

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On June 8th , under clearing skies Plymouth Meeting Friends School graduated their 2021 sixth grade class. This has been a challenging year for students and teachers around the world. Our PMFS teachers and staff provided a creative and inspiring year for our students. In Brenda Crawley’s end of year letter here she wrote

“… Our 2020-21 school year ends on Tuesday, June 8 with the graduation of our Sixth Grade class. This year was an unusual one and the PMFS community’s passion, resilience and positivity gave us all the energy to step into challenges and see obstacles as opportunities! During our last Meeting for Worship this morning, I declared everyone a Covid superhero. We worked hard all year and shared responsibility for keeping our community safe.

It is my honor and privilege to lead the Plymouth team. Last summer, this devoted group of faculty, staff and administrators planned the intricacies of reopening campus and providing on-campus instruction and virtual instruction with a keen eye on the health, safety and well-being of every community member. Notably, 2020-21 was an inordinately stressful year for educators and all school employees; daily tasks and duties multiplied exponentially. My colleagues persisted, drawing their energy from their students. I am grateful for their tireless devotion and commitment to PMFS. “

For the past year and half the Annie H Wilson room has been transformed into a combined 3rd and 4th grade classroom, reminiscent of its us in the 1950’s and 60’s. In a heart felt letter to Rebecca our Clerk Will Starr the 2rd and 4th grade teacher wrote

“ ... send(ing)  a big, make that HUGE, Thank You for  our use of the Annie H. Wilson Room this year.  Using that space became central to the whole school's plan on how to best survive this pandemic year.  That is not an exaggeration.  Having Pod 3/4 in there allowed the other Pods to spread out in any and all available spaces and make it all work.  Frankly, that space began to truly feel like home for both the kids and for us and I wanted you, and your fellow members of PMM, to know how much we appreciate your sharing of your space…..
We will forever be appreciative of your generosity and look forward to getting back to our regular room as soon as school is over.  We plan on having a fireman's brigade and carry all the stuff back to the fourth grade room.  It sounds like fun and the kids are super into it.” 

As life begins to return to normal (or should we say new normal what ever that will be) may we take time to be grateful for the hard work so many have offered our community this year. Work offered out of love for the students, staff, and Meeting community. From our hearts and in our prayers we give thanks and wish the staff of PMFS a summer of rest and renewal.