DaffadilPastoral note from Worship and              Ministry & Peace and Social Concerns 

Over the past two weeks members of our Monthly Meeting, retired members and active service members of the US military, members of Senatorial and Congressional offices and local press have worked together to help a young man exit Afghanistan because of the danger to his life. Below is a pastoral letter announcing his successful flight out of Afghanistan and a request for prayer for those left behind, seeking prayerful guidance as to what we are called to do next for the refugees of this world. 

Dear friends,

Today is a bittersweet day of good news and bad news. I am so happy and relived to report that Bashir is safe in Qatar. His plane was in the air 30 minutes before the bombs went off today. They exploded outside the Baron hotel where he was placed after being brought in from his hiding place by a military extraction team.  He writes

    I'm in Qatar here just arrived in Camp with U.S Army and here is very good Food which I didn't eat it for Three days Thanks again to everyone God bless you all My Friends.

We are tender in our hearts tonight for the people who died or were maimed in the suicide bombings today as well as all who continue to wait and hope for a chance to go to a safer place. Within our team of people helping Bashir here in the US, there is a member who was helping a family 9 through that gate to the airport. There has been no contact with the family since the bombing. These retired service men and woman have a very personal relationship with the people they are helping. Tonight is particularly painful.

What can we do now.
For now, Bashir is safe and will need to be processed through the immigration procedures. It is hope he will be coming to the United States. If so David DiFabio will sponsor him and provide Bashir with a place to live near Pottstown. Help will be needed for a while with costs. A go fund me page will be set up once we know what is happening. In the mean time money will be sent as needed via pay pal.

There will be immigrants coming from Afghanistan to our area which will increase the need for help and donations in a region which is already a center for safe refuge for refugees. Take a look on the Monthly Meeting web site for information that Barbara has posted in the Peace and Social Concerns section about local agencies that need help and donations. Click here 
There is and will be more information posted about Voices from the Border which we had a conference with earlier this month.

Most of all please continue your prayers for all who suffer from war, for those driven from their homes by violence or the changes in the climate.
Our prayers will as they become aware of them, let them know that they are not alone.
Our prayers, as we live into them open to us what we are called to do.
In prayer we are quiet and can hear the whispers of God’s Spirit that are the seeds of leadings that become the actions of our lives.

Tonight, we rest knowing Bashir is safe. In faith we trust that those who are close to the suffering of this world will be God's measure of love that heals, strengthens, and renews life in the suffering. May God’s strength be with those doing this work.
Dave Miller clerk of Worship and Ministry