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2021 Mail

November Mail
    FCNL Washington Newsletter - Advocacy in Solidarity with Native Americans
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  • The Missing and Murdered Indigenous Peoples Crisis: Progress in Congress
  • Indian Country in the Time of the COVID–19 Pandemic
  • Quakers Grapple with Legacy of Indian Boarding Schools
  • Viewpoint: Inspired by the Possibility of What Could Be
  • Q&A: Advocating Native Issues
    Fiends Peace Teams  - Peace Ways newsletter
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        Theme of the issue is Making Peace with the Earth
  • Literacy for Peace & Justice Mitigating Climate Change
  • Making Peace with the Earth
  • Making Peace with the Natural World in Asia West Pacific
  • Indigenous Women Lead: Ancestral Practices of Peace with
    the Land in Ecuador
  • Native Americans Lead Earthcare Efforts and Deserve our Support
  • Toward Right Relationship (TRR) Supports Indigenous Water Protectors
    Bridge of Hope - newsletter -
Organized to help end homelessness for single mothers and their children in Montgomery and Bucks county.   
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    United Palestinian Appeal - Newsletter
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  •     Nurturing Palestine's future - How re the children
  •    UPA's Emergency response to Gaza
  • Red Crescent Society for the Gaza Strip
  • Palestinian refugees and UPA's work in Lebanon
  • Boosting Livelihood in Gaza: One boat at a time
  • Building connections through food
    Earth Care Witness
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  •     Human-Caused Climate Change is “Unequivocal
  • Red Lake Nation’s Path to Solar Energy
  • Philadelphia Yearly Meeting’s Climate Sprint
  • Awakening for Earth: An Earth-Body Meditation
  • Fresh Energy for Our Witness
  • A Toxic Factory Will Create a Toxic Future
  • Pacific Yearly Meeting’s Mutual Aid Experiment
  • Plowing the ?Prairie
  • Collective Community Resilience: Thinking Through Climate Change and Defunding the Police

July Mail
FCNL Newsletter - Engendering change in U.S. Nuclear Policy

June Mail
Right Sharing letter
Quaker Earthcare Witness   Newsletter April - June
FGC Gathering July Announcement
Letter from Springcreek Church, Garland Texas
FCNL Newsletter - New season of Hope: Police Abuse, Democracy under siege, Passage of "Not Invisible Act' to address the ongoing epidemic of murder and missing indigenous woman