Peace and Social Concerns

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Worship and witness are two pillars of Quaker spirituality. Worship in the Quaker tradition is fundamentally receptive and contemplative. Witness is active, testifying to the power of God to transform the human condition and seeking to engage the world to improve human society. At their best, each is rooted in the other: social action can be an expression of wor­ship, and worship can participate in remaking society. For Friends, the experience of divine leading links the two. Our witness grows out of God's leading as encountered in contem­plative worship. Faithfulness to Leadings, in turn, enhances the experience of worship. Michael L. Beirkel; Silence and Witness – The Quaker Tradition, p.15 Click on here for more writings about the relationship of Faith and Practice 

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Immigration / Refugees / Evacuees
Stewardship of the Creation / Climate Change
Peace / Justice / Racial Issues  
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CCL urges people to let the President know we want them to include a price on carbon in the budget reconciliation.
Senate Finance Committee is considering a carbon price in reconciliation negotiations. The committee meets again on Thursday September 9th (for what may be their last meeting)
Assist Afghan Refugee Resettlement
'Our hearts break' for people of Afghanistan, co-director says - John Longhurst
A poem by Warsan Shire about why people leave their homes. Warsan is a British writer, poet, editor and teacher, who was born to Somali parents in Kenya
For Friends interested in supporting Afghani and other people who will be newly arriving in the Philadelphia area ....
Sunday Today August 22nd Afghanistan solidarity event Where: Tarken Ice Rink - Rec. Center, 6250 Frontenac Street, Philadelphia, PA When: 5pm Sunday August 22nd
Troop and his mates came across a marker for an unknown 16-year-old boy who’d died during the treacherous journey to reach the U.S. Just over the hill from .....
The US Senate is currently working on Climate Change policy. Consider ....
The gardens are full of vegetables to supply the free farm stands and book tables on the street....
This week marks the 76th anniversary of the atomic bomb attack on Hiroshima (Aug. 6) and Nagasaki (Aug. 9). As we remember the horrors of these attacks, it is ....
join us on Friday night August 6th at 7PM representatives from the group Voices from the Border will join with us from Arizona via a Zoom conference call. Voices from the Border is...
Many underserved neighborhoods are still suffering from the lingering effects of the pandemic and especially the economic fallout from it. PECO’s proposed 10% rate hike if