Guidelines for
blended Meetings for Worship
during COVID Pandemic

We use "blended worship" to mean two worship groups (one onsite on the Gathering Space behind the Meeting House and one gathered online using a zoom conference) connected visually and with audio through the internet.  We began experimenting with this type of worship in 2020 and will continue to experiment with it this year. We expect to respond to our experience of blending our worship with changes that are discerned over time so that we can deepen the spiritual experience and lessen the challenges of the technology and its intrusion.

If you are attending in person at the Meeting House, follow the procedures below (separate procedure for outdoor and indoor worship)  to help us all stay safe for the outdoor worship behind the Meeting House. At this time, with the level of COVID infection in our community the Monthly Meeting's risk committee has not opened the Meeting House for worship on colder days or rain. It is our hope that conditions will be favorable to open the Meeting House in June. Please pay attention to the weather forecast and Alert on the web site home page (top left corner)  to determine if there will be onsite worship.  REMEMBER, to bring your own chair for when we are meeting outside.

A few thoughts before reading the procedures below

  • It is always important to set aside time before worship – try to not arrive just in time but begin to lay aside the chores and distractions of the world an hour before worship so that when you enter into worship your body, mind, heart and spirit have already begun to center on that which is our source of renewal.
  • Be willing to be flexible. It has been a long time since the regular familiarity of our Meeting House has been a source of comfort and centering. If we are open, we will find God’s guiding spirit for these troubled times in our new places of worship, be that a desk chair /couch at home or a beach chair out back of the Meeting House.
Attending by Zoom Conference worship
If you are attending worship remotely using Zoom conferencing to enter will require a login number and password. Please contact David Miller ( ) if you would like to attend via Zoom and have not already attended.

COVID-19 Guidance for Attending Indoor Meeting for Worship

Mask wearing continues to be required.
Risk Committee will review the week of June 21ST
If you are sick or may have been exposed to COVID-19, please stay home and join Meeting remotely.  If you have joined us for Meeting for Worship and find later that you have had an exposure, developed symptoms, or tested positive, please contact Bonnie Miller at 484-213-5439 or 610-828-4970.
  • CDC suggested mask guidelines are shown in the CDC chart below.
  • When you arrive, park to allow social distancing when getting in and out of the car.
  • Please enter the meeting house through the door to your right as you face the building also known as the women's side. It is the front door on the Germantown Pike end of the building.
  • Sign in, using one-time-use pencils provided. Please provide your name, phone number, and e-mail address.
  • You may have a favorite place to sit in the meeting room, but at this time, we ask that you go to the furthest empty spot, filling the back rows first. This will allow for social distancing and prevent others from having to move past you.  Please allow at least six (6) feet, both side to side and back to front, between yourself or your family and others.
  • The meeting house may be chilly if doors are cracked to provide ventilation. Lap robes will be available; also feel free to bring your own.
  • The ADA bathroom (opposite the kitchen) will be available. Parents, please accompany children. Please use provided wipes, to sanitize all contact areas (toilet seat and flush handle, sink and faucets, inside and outside door knobs, etc.) before and after using the bathroom. Discard used wipes in the wastebasket.  
  • At the rise of Meeting, greet each other with smiles and waves - no hugs or handshakes.
    After announcements, please exit the meeting house through the emergency exit (crash door) closest to you.
  • Those wishing to remain and socialize, please do so on the porch or in the driveway, using social distancing at all times.
PLEASE NOTE: For the foreseeable future
  • There will be no First Day School or supervised childcare. During Meeting for Worship, children may play on the lower playground near the gym (not by the Meetinghouse) and must be accompanied by an adult.
  • For the foreseeable future Annie H. Wilson Room will NOT be available. 
It is our hope is that this summer will bring a path forward on these two limitations to our Firstday gatherings

Please check the website for any changes or announcements.

Indoor Masks

David Miller, 10/17/2020